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International Program

Former des dirigeants et managers internationaux dans les métiers de la communication et du marketing, c’est la vocation de l’International Program proposé sur les campus de Paris, Bordeaux et Lyon.

Le programme International vous permet de personnaliser votre parcours d'études en cohérence avec votre projet de carrière et les langues étrangères que vous avez choisi d'étudier, avant même votre départ pour une université partenaire et la réalisation de votre stage professionnel.

Une expertise interculturelle unique

Elle est indispensable pour vous donner les clés de compréhension essentielles à toute vie professionnelle à l’étranger. Elle vous permettra aussi de personnaliser votre parcours en choisissant d’étudier les zones du monde qui vous intéressent le plus.

Vous choisirez d’étudier 4 zones pays sur les 8 proposées, ceci associé à l’apprentissage de 2 nouvelles langues parlées sur l’une ou l’autre des 4 zones (Amérique Latine, Amérique du Nord, Russie/Europe centrale et orientale, Europe du Nord/Sud, Moyen-Orient/Méditerranée et Afrique, Asie du Sud-Est et Pacifique, Asie de l’Est et Asie du Sud).

Un programme en cinq ans

Cette formation d‘excellence dispensée par des experts internationaux du marketing et de la communication, construite sur 5 ans, comprend des stages et des sessions dans nos universités partenaires à l’international.

Après un premier cycle Bachelor avec 50 % du programme en anglais, le 2e cycle 100 % en anglais, propose : soit le MBA International Marketing & Communication, soit le MBA Marketing Program à Baruch College New York, soit le Master in Marketing à la Dublin Business School.

The Bachelor cycle : 3 years

Bachelor’s level studies consist of core courses that are offered totally in English, in addition to workshops and specially designed projects that are offered in English and/or in French.

By the end of the first year, students are equipped with the basics in marketing, communication, the media and digital applications. At the same time, working real-time on concrete projects stimulates creativeness, initiative, motivation and self-reliance : it’s what learning through doing is all about.

In the second year, students consolidate their knowledge of the fundmentals of marketing and communication and widen their views through Selected Individual Topical Seminars (SITS). At the same time, students tackle new projects including Innovation Week, teaming up with students from Epitech (data processing) and e-artsup (graphic design and communication).

The 3rd year provides the opportunity to strengthen fundamental knowledge and to reach out to an international context. Added to that, students get to grips with the challenging Project Week.

The Master cycle : Year 4 & 5

In the Master Cycle, you can choose to work toward earning an international Master, including an MBA, alongside that from ISEG.

Master’s level studies are taught exclusively in English, whether the student opts for the International Marketing & Communication MBA program at the Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon campuses, MBA Marketing Program at Baruch College, City University of New York or the Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing program at the Dublin Business School in Ireland.

The aim of the second cycle of studies is to accompany you in building your professional identity to match the expectations of firms, emerging careers and your own personality. It allows you to develop your understanding of firms holistically, in a given sector or from the standpoint of a leading position in a firm.

Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing program at Dublin

The MSc in Marketing has been purposely designed to meet the needs of recently qualified business (with marketing) or marketing graduates. The MSc in Marketing is taught by a combination of experienced academic staff and senior industry practitioners, giving you a unique insight into the realities of this competitive area.

Students are encouraged to combine theoretical knowledge with real commercial experience in a variety of marketing situations. As potential managers, students will secure valuable skills in being a team player, motivating and managing others, communicating effectively and cultivating excellent interpersonal and creative skills.

MBA Marketing Program at New York

ISEG MBA students will be immersed in a challenging but exciting program, ensuring thorough exposure to core curriculum marketing and management topics.

The following courses have been designed to equip students with a truly global marketing perspective : for example, International Marketing, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce, Advanced CRM, Advertising & Communication, Innovation & New Product Management, Marketing Channel Management, Forecasting Methods for Marketing, Marketing for Social Impact, Idea Generation & the Systematic Approach to Creativity, etc.

International Marketing & Communication MBA program at Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon

During the two years, students will acquire the skills to become experts in marketing and communication : Marketing studies, panels and new trends on the web, Strategic Planning, Brand Platforms and Brand Ecosystems, Institutional, Corporate and Brand Influence Strategies, Digital Brand Management, Data & CRM, Product, Brand and Packaging Design, International Events, Launching an e-Commerce Project, Managing Across Borders, International Communication Strategies, New Consumer Behavior and Service Design, etc.

Ouverture internationale

Semestre à l’international avec nos sept universités partenaires

Semestre optionnel dans l’une des 7 universités partenaires aux États-Unis, en Argentine, en Irlande, en Hongrie ou en Espagne. Semestre obligatoire pour les étudiants suivant l’International Program à Paris, Bordeaux ou à Lyon.

En savoir +

Design and media workshops

Students are fully immersed in reallife projects revovling around the major areas of Design (the brand’s primary mode of expression conveyed through the logo, colors, packaging, etc.) and Media (emerging media forms and practices, social media, optimising media communication through creativity, integrated marketing communication, etc.).


Brand image is conveyed through various artistic disciplines. Over an entire year, students select a course between some of them : Photography & Visual Images, Illustrations & Graphics, Films & Media / Broadcasting, Fashion & Luxury design, Copywriting & Ad Copy, Music & Sound Design, Painting & Art.

National challenge

Over 400 ISEG MCS students from all 7 campuses compete over a month in response to a brief submitted by an advertiser or advertising agency. The winning entry and runners-up are showcased at a grand finale held in Paris.

Expertise through action

In the aims of building professional skills through practical training related to their field of study students work in teams to resolve problem-based learning projects provided by local or national firms.

Master’s project

Over the 2 years of the Master Cycle, students prepare an original written research Project Report. Supported by individual investigations and interviews with industry professionals, students defend the Project Report at the end of the study. ntended to be a challenging and personally rewarding experience, it often also proves to be a genuine asset in the eyes of future recruiters.

Intercultural focus

Intercultural expertise is an essential for anyone who wants to understand how professionals function in different countries with different cultures. It also gives students the opportunity to customize their course of study in choosing to focus on the areas of the world that interest them the most. Students choose 4 regional zones from the 8 below, associated to their language affinities : Latin America, North America, Russia/ Central and Eastern Europe, Northern/Southern Europe, Middle-East/Mediterranean & Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific, Eastern and Southern Asia.

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